About us

NUVA supports organizations of any industry and region, providing sustainability advisory services designed to empower their approach into a challenging future.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition towards more responsible business models through research, impact assessment and strategic consulting.

The vision behind our commitment is to promote a sustainable and resilient business environment, designed to regenerate natural ecosystems and provide long term benefits for companies and their stakeholders.

Our team can master environmental, social and governance challenges thanks to a broad experience on the topics.

NUVA has joined the global movement of benefit corporations by including the achievement of social and environmental benefits among the official company goals and by committing to periodically publish an impact report.

“The company includes in its goals the achievement of common benefits by promoting the implementation of sustainable business models and good practices inspired by sustainability principles that integrate economical, social and environmental objectives delivering value for the human communities and the natural ecosystems”

from NUVA SUSTAINABILITY S.R.L. articles of incorporation